List widget displays the stock value and its properties in rows with option to accordion so that you can display more contents when toggled

Options in List widget:

  • Under widget type select the widget type as List, So you will have options related to the widget in our visual widget editor


  • You can select any number of stocks to be displayed in this option

Theme, List Design, Appearance and Font:

  • Theme - There are 7 preset Themes including light and dark theme which you can select according to your need, you can also customize the background color and the text color under color option
  • List Design - There are 5 Designs to choose for your List widget. Each design has an unique properties to display for each stock you have selected
  • In appearance section there are toggles to select such as
    • Show Logos - Displays the logos of the selected stock
    • Highlight Logos - Highlights the logo of the stocks with a grey background
    • Link to Stock Pages - Once you have created the stock pages or Created the Virtual Pages in the settings menu, Clicking on the stock will take you to the corresponding stock pages
  • Font - You can also change the font of your widget, Select the fonts from google fonts in the settings page and save it and the selected font will be shown in the fonts drop down menu in the Visual Widget Editor

Chart Colors:

  • In some designs you can display Charts for the selected stocks inside the lists and for that chart you can customize the colors using this options
  • You can change the color of the Line and Fill color, You can also update the gradient color of the chart
  • Color - Under this option you can customize the card background colors and the text colors of the widget

Once you have created the widget copy the Shortcode and paste it in the section of a webpage where you have to display the widget and update and preview.

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