Settings page can be found under Massive Stock in the WordPress dashboard menu

There are six options in the settings page, They are,

  • General
  • Shortcodes
  • Currency Format
  • Asset Settings
  • License
  • Help


  • Under General you can select your fonts from the Google Fonts
  • Selected fonts will be preloaded and can be selected in widget settings
  • You can also add custom CSS to your widget


  • With Massive Stock Widget, for every widget you are creating - a shortcode will be assigned and you can use this shortcode anywhere on your website
  • There are some predefined shortcodes which you can use it on your webpages or the virtual pages created
  • Example for predefined shortcodes:
    • It is based on the symbol of the stock company, Let us take Apple for this example
    • The Stock symbol for Apple is AAPL and some predefined shortcodes for apple is
      • Price: [mstock asset="aapl" info="price"], will display the stock price of the Apple
      • Exchange[mstock asset="aapl" info="Exchange"], will display the Exchange of Apple
      • Some more examples are listed below

Currency Format:

  • Under Currency format you can set a Default Currency and the format of it
  • You can also add the currencies you need to display and the format for each currency under Currency Format
  • Under currency format you can edit Symbols, Position, Punctuations with which Thousands and Decimals are separated

Asset Settings:

Asset Links:
  • You can select the URL of your own use [symbol] parameter to replace with stock symbol in URL
  • Examples
    • /stock-[symbol]
    • /stock/quote/[symbol]
  • These links can be used to create custom pages manually with the examples above, Any shortcode used in these pages will detect stock from the URL
Creating virtual Pages:
  • Turn on Create Virtual Pages and click on Save button the virtual pages will be created automatically
  • You can edit the Format of the Title and Meta Description for the virtual pages in the same settings page
  • You can see the virtual page under All Pages menu in the dashboard with the title Stock Prices & MarketcapMassive Stock Widgets
  • Click on edit under the Stock Prices and Marketcap page 
  • The following page will be opened
  • In this page the price of the stock is fetched based on the company name and will be displayed in the dynamic way, you can also change the information and also the visual of the page in the wordPress Editor
  • You can set the URL as /stock-[symbol], the URL for a particular stock will be opened in the same format. For Example, If you have assigned a symbol for Facebook which is FB the URL will be /stock-fb.
  • Let us see an example below on how it works,
    • Add a new widget in the wordPress
    • Toggle on link to stock pages in the appearance in our Visual Widget Editor

    • That's it, Now When you click on the stocks widget of a particular stock you will be taken to the page created virtually by you. Which will look something like this based on the information you have selected to show. In the below case we have selected Price, Website and News of the stock to be displayed

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