Configure the visual style of the notification. Fommerce offers easy to use options to re-create any look in little time.


Predefined themes for the notification. Changing the theme sets different options like text color, background color automatically.

Important: Changing the design will reset the messages


Choose between six areas of the screen where the notification appears

Heading Position

Select whether the heading text applies above or below the notification. Applies only if Header / Footer text is not blank.

Image Position

Select whether the feature image appears left or right of the notification.

Text Color

Choose the overall text color using the color picker


Choose background color of the notification. You can also select an image as the background.

Image Background

The background color surrounding the notification image (product image, icon, etc) for a nice highlight


The maximum width of the notification

Border Radius

Set the curvature of notification corners to make it squared or rounded.


Choose from available Google fonts to personalize the notification. Or set Theme Default to not set any font.

Font Size

The overall font size of the notification


The horizontal and vertical distance between the screen edge and the notification in pixels.


The spacing between notification border and its text message.

Image Size

Make the feature image bigger or smaller.

Image Margin & Padding

The margin and padding of the feature image inside the notification. Set Image Background color to visualize the changes.

Entry Animation

Animation when the notification enters the screen

Exit Animation

Animation when the notification exits the screen

Animation Speed

Control how fast the notification enters and leaves the screen. Options including faster, fast, normal, slow, slower are available.