The products tab can be used to accurately select which of the products are shown in the notifications. It will be only useful only if WooCommerce plugin is installed.

If you don't have WooCommerce installed or wish to create virtual (fake) notifications, select No Products for display setting


  • No Products: Does not select any product. Recommended if you want to create fake notifications.
  • Live Orders: Notifications are created when orders are placed in real-time
  • Products from recent orders: Shows recently ordered products
  • Select products: Manually select products to show in the notification
  • Latest products: Shows recently added products
  • Products from select categories: Limit product selection to select categories
  • Recently viewed products: Show notifications related to products the user has viewed before. Uses cookies to track viewed products.


Sets the limit for number of products or number of virtual messages to create

Order Status

Choose products from orders with specified statuses

Order Time

For products from recent orders criteria, select orders which are placed within this timeframe

Select Products

Search and select products for the Select products criteria

Select Categories

Search and select categories from which products are selected for Products from select categories criteria

Exclude Products

Exclude some products from showing in the notifications

Exclude out of Stock

Exclude products with no stock availability

Create virtual notifications

If there are less products than the specified limit, enabling this option will fill with already available products. For the No products criteria, enabling this options will create random messages upto the limit.

If you choose no products criteria, this options must be enabled too to create virtual messages

Show notifications in random order

Randomizes the products order so visitors will not see the notifications in the same order for each pageload.