Placeholders are small pieces of text which can be inserted into message areas in notifications and sales feed. These placeholders gets converted to dynamic content when the addon is rendered. For example, if you insert {city} to any of the message areas, it will be converted to randomly converted city, city of the visitor or city where the order is placed depending on the options.

Available placeholders can be shown by clicking inside any message editor in the Messages tab. Some placeholders also offer additional options to fine tune the output. The number of placeholders can differ based on WooCommerce is installed and the Display setting in Products tab.

List of available placeholders:

first nameJohnNo
last nameSmithNo


countryUnited StatesNo
product name

Chest pocket shirt

product name & linkChest pocket shirtYes


dateApril 21, 2020, 2020-04-21, 04/21/2020No
time agoabout 15 minutes ago, 13 seconds agoNo
rating3.5, 5.0Yes
star ratingYes
random number32.54, 5.0345No
close buttonNo


Some placeholders like city, state and country offers option to auto detect geolocation from the visitor ip address. To use this option, another plugin called Geolocation IP Detection is required.

Setup Instructions

  1. Install the plugin Geolocation IP Detection from
  2. Go to Settings > Geolocation IP Detection
  3. Choose a data source you are prefer. We recommend manual or automatic Maxmind City as data source
  4. Check your IP's location by going to Tools > Geolocation Lookup

After the setup, fommerce can calculate geoip of visitors.