Purchase Code

When you use Emage Hover Effects or Emage Post Grid widgets for the first time, you will be asked to enter purchase code. Activating the license unlocks all the widget options, enables automatic updates and entitles you for support.

Activate License

Before proceeding to activate, get your purchase code

  • Edit any page with Elementor page builder
  • Drag and drop Emage Hover Effects widget to the page
  • You will see License section in the widget
  • Enter the Purchase Code in the field and click Activate button
  • The widget will check the code and unlocks all options along with message Status: Active in the License section

Now as directed, click Update to save changes and reload the page immediately

Ready to Go

You're now set with the Emage Hover Effects and you can start creating amazing hover effects.

We recommend you to go through all the pages in this document to get an idea of how you can get most of our Emage Hover Effects.

Thanks for buying the Emage Hover Effects for Elementor, and have fun building great and beautiful websites!