Deactivate License

If you’ve already activated your license on a site (including localhost setups), and are moving your site to a new domain, or aren’t using the old site anymore and would simply like to use the plugin on a new website, you’ll need to deactivate the license from the previous site first, and then remove the plugin fully from the previous site.

If you can't access your old site and need to remove your license, contact us

The screenshot below shows where you can deactivate your purchase code registration. Then after you deactivate, you’ll be able to use it again on your new site.

  • Edit any page with Elementor page builder
  • Click any existing Emage Hover Effects widget or drag and drop new one
  • Expand the License section in the widget
  • Enter the original purchase code in the field
  • Click Deactivate button
  • Now as directed, click Update to save changes and reload the page immediately

The purchase code is now free to be used on another domain.

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