Product Swap With WooCommerce

For swapping products on hovering you need to have Emage Hover Effects pro, WooCommerce and Elementor pro installed and activated in your Wordpress Dashboard

  • Once you have installed the WooCommerce select Products in the WordPress dashboard
  • Select Add New option to add the new product to the page
  • Now enter the product name in the product name text box
  • Add product image and add product gallery images
  • Once you have updated you can make a product swap with our Emage hover effects.

Let's see how we can do the product swap

  • In the Edit with Elementor page drag and drop the Emage hover effects
  • After that, under image section in choose image select Dynamic Tags as in picture below
  • Select Product Image under WooCommerce in the drop down
  • Which will display the image you have selected as a product image
  • Then select Style tab and Select overlay>Image>Dynamic tabs as shown in below image
  • Select the Product Gallery Image under WooCommerce as shown in below image
  • Once the hover effect is applied to both the image and overlay you will be getting a product output as below,

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