Emage Post Grid

Using Emage Post Grid you can display the posts published in your page with the grid view it looks stunning in your website

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  • To enable emage post grid in your page search for Emage Post Grid in your elements page of elementor
  • Now drag and drop the emage post grid widget to the content area of the webpage
  • Once you have added the Emage Post Grids to your webpage you will be getting a options like the image below


  • Under posts you can edit the number of posts to be displayed and set an offset number from which the posts should be visible
  • you can also edit the number of columns for the posts to be displayed
  • Under post type you can select, what is needed to be displayed in the Emage Post Grids, which may be of
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Products
  • You can sort the Emage Post Grid by the following options in the drop down
    • post ID
    • post Author
    • Title
    • Type
    • Date
    • Last Modified
    • Random
    • Comment count
    • Menu order
  • You can also sort by selecting the ascending and descending order
  • Under categories, you can select the type of categories you wanted to display in the grid for example, posts from sports or from gadgets etc.,
  • You can link a post to Image or a Title


  • Select the fall back Image of your choice which will be the background image for your posts grid, Once you have entered the image it becomes the background for all the post grids
  • You can also set Image Size for the post based on your requirement
  • You can set the Hover Effects for your image in the Emage Post Grids, which will be applied to all the posts in the grid
  • The Transition duration for hover effects can be set using the slide bar or entering the value(in seconds) in the text box


  • To display overlay on hovering you have to select show overlay under overlay option
  • Then go to Style>Overlay>Background Type, You can select either classic or gradient
  • For further steps regarding the overlay please refer here


  • Under content option you can edit the contents which should be visible in the post grids
  • Excerpt Length is the visibility of the content of the posts for example If you enter 10 in the text box the 10 words of the content in the posts will be displayed
  • You can adjust the horizontal and vertical alignment of the content
  • Reorder Elements: You can reorder the content displayed in the post grid in the elementor tab based on the requirement
  • You can also change the Hover Effects, Transition Duration, Transition delay and appearance of the Content.
  • Under Style>Content, you can change the color and Typography of each and every topic under the elements
  • You can also edit the Spacing, Padding, Margin and Background type of the content

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