Types of Widgets:

You can publish the page with two types of widgets,

  • Table
  • Global


This widget allows you to display the details of cryptocurrencies in a customizable table format that is updated in real-time.

Options in Table Widget:

  • Under widget type select the widget type as Table, So you will have options related to the widget in our visual widget editor


  • You can select the number of coins you wanted to display in the drop-down or simply select the number of top coins to be displayed
  • There are nearly 6033 cryptocurrencies that can be chosen by you

Customization Options:

Table Type:

  • You can select between the simple and advanced table type
  • The simple table type will not have search options as well as watchlist whereas the advanced table has a search option, currency customization as well as watchlist option

Simple Table Type
Advanced Table Type

Table Style and Coins per Page:

  • You can choose between the light or dark theme
  • You can also customize the number of coins to be displayed on a page from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 200

Table Columns:

  • You can customize the columns in the table based on the dropdown list
  • At least one column name has to be selected or the default nine column lists will be selected
  • Select the column in order because the order of the column will be arranged based on the selection
  • As you can see in below screenshot that the table is aligned in the order selected

Order By and Responsive Type:

  • You can select the drop-down to apply default sorting to the table
  • You can also set the order for sorting from Low to High or High to Low
  • Under Responsive you can select between scroll or Collapse, Please find the below screenshots

Table - Scroll

Table - Collapse


  • Toggle Real-Time ON so that the cryptocurrencies values are updated in the real-time
  • Link to Coin Pages - Toggle this ON to link the coin to the coin pages virtually created

TIP: If you toggle ON Link to Coin Pages almost 5000 pages will be created for your website for every cryptocurrency!

  • Fixed Columns and Fixed Header - Toggle ON these options to fix the Header row and also the first two columns when you scroll

Miscellaneous Options:

  • Marketcap Price Format - Customize the Format of Marketcap Price either by symbol or Numbers using this option
  • Currency - Customize the currency shown in the table using this option, you can find almost all currencies around the world
  • Chart Color - The color of the Chart in the table can be changed using this option


This Widget displays the overall values of the cryptocurrencies in a composed way

  • The global widget can be customized using the Visual Widget Editor, This Widget is best for using it in header and footer unless you need to use it anywhere on your page.
  • You are provided with the option to choose the position you want
  • The background color of the widget can also be customized based on your need

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