Creating Widgets

Once you have activated the coinpress widget, you can see the Coinpress option in the menu of the WordPress dashboard.

Visual Widget Editor:

  • Select Add New under Massive Stock to create a new widget
  • Our Visual widget editor will open which helps you to create a widget

Adding Widget to Post/Page:

  • Once you have created your widgets click on the Publish button
  • Now a unique shortcode will be generated under the created widgets
  • Now you can paste this shortcode [coinmc id="687"](This code will be different for you) in the page editor of the WordPress where you have to display the widget
  • After entering the shortcode click on Update on the top right of the page
  • Once updated click on Preview and select Preview in the new tab
  • You can preview your widget which you have created on the preview page like the below image
  • The users of your website can do activities like sorting, searching, and choose the currency type in which the price of the cryptocurrency needs to be shown
  • The users can also wishlist the cryptocurrency they want and have a separate record of them
  • The columns of the table can be customized according to your need which you can select from the visual widget Editor
  • All values of the cryptocurrencies are updated in real-time from the coingecko API

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