How to use Coin Page

  • Once you have activated the Coinpress widgets in your WordPress, a new page will be created with the title Cryptocurrency Prices & Marketcap
  • The page created will have the following default text shortcodes page to display the details of the Cryptocurrency coins
  • These shortcodes can be changed with the Text Shortcodes available on the settings page of the Coinpress Widget, scroll down to see more Text Shortcodes on the settings page
  • Or you can also customize the page according to your own preference(Which we have explained in the next heading) and you can find the format of the default page under coin details in the settings page
  • Some main cryptocurrencies have a description already entered whereas for some least popular currencies there might not be any description available in that case the details will be fetched and displayed according to the above Screenshot.
  • Output for the pages with description and without description will be like below

With Description
Coin - With Description
Without Description
Coin - Without Description
  • The default page has charts and candlestick for every cryptocurrency and also there are nearly 5000 pages created by default which is useful in SEO for your website

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